Tamino’s blog censorship

I am a regular visitor and contributor to the blog site open mind which is run by a person under the nom de plume of Tamino. Tamino is a dedicated proponent of Anthropogenic Global Warming. Nothing wrong with that of course. However, he is also not reticent to censor my contributions, not because they are abusive or defamatory, but because they seem to trigger some unknown offence switch which is known only to Tamino. My post on ocean acidification to his blog Open Thread 12 in reply to one Ray Ladbury was pulled without warning or notification. I think the offending language was something to the effect “even committed warmers like you” (to Ray Ladbury not Tamino). If so, such trivial censorship is a denial of right of reply. Therefore, such censorship must not be condoned and must be exposed for what it is: stacking the argument. Tamino is not reluctant to use this tactic and he usually uses it when he knows that he or his coterie is on shaky ground. Your thoughts.


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