Thin Skins at Real Climate

This evening I replied to a post by Ray Ladbury at Real Climate regarding his comments on whether the data used in climate research is tainted or not. He implied that the data is pristine and beyond reproach. His comment can be found by clicking on the following link:

My reply was, that in the case of the CRU data products , one cannot determine whether the data are tainted or not as the original raw data provided by world Meteorological agencies had been discarded in a move to the new CRU building ostensibly to save space. I stated that there is not audit trail from any of their data products back to the raw data. Can you believe that?! So I described the data control and management by the CRU as a dog’s breakfast (a not too insulting comment) and that CRU is too incompetent to be placed in charge of a repository of the world’s weather station data.


Apparently, these comments were too much for Gavin Schmidt and he deleted my post from the moderation queue. It appears that the team are very sensitive to the data issue and they will brook no criticism. You really do know when you are getting close to the jugular with these people because they moderate you out of existence. Of course this is common for RC, Climate Progress, and Open Mind as well as most other alarmist blog sites.

Thin skins indeed!!!


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