My name is Richard Steckis. I am a scientist from Western Australia. My qualifications are in biological sciences and have an Honours degree.

In recent years I have become concerned with the development in scientific circles to force scientists to conform to some perceived consensus on issues of major concern to scientists and the wider world in general. There is probably no area where this pressure to conform to an orthodoxy is greater than in Anthropogenic Climate Change theory. I am concerned that the traditional scientific scepticism is being supplanted by such conforming pressures. Therefore, I have started this blog to be a thorn in the side of those who use terms such as “deniers”, “inactivisits” and “trolls” to make true scientists conform.

I am not a climatologist. However, I am a scientist and as such am able to understand scientific procedure and am able to interpret scientific research. As a scientist, I am qualified to give my opinion on matters of climate change from an informed viewpoint.

Disclaimer: The views that I express in this blog site are entirely my own and not those of any organisation that I have worked for or currently work for or am likely to work for.


2 Responses to About

  1. Lee Kington says:

    I have added a response to Tomino’s comments to you regarding the rate of increase in atmospheric CO2 to my blog. I would have responded on his site but I needed the graphs visable to demonstrate my text explanation.


    Sincere Regards,
    Lee Kington

  2. dan bloom says:


    I saw your post over at Desmog blog taking issue with my 2099 grad speech. and am glad to have all points of view. i have no agenda. so thanks for posting. but i do believe AGW is real and our goose is cooked if we don’t back off soon. Like today. Like ASAP.

    email me at danbloom@gmail.com and let’s chat….i am in Taiwan, via Tufts 1971….old man at 60…you? how did you come by your skeptic cred? I am all ears, and i like all views, all people



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